Dear Reader, June is once more upon us and with it, the time to harvest Walnuts earlier than we could crack them. This idea will be revived during the next few days and the German version will have its very own place. Thank you for reading us, and if you prefer the German Language, we […]

I am happy to see that my six years of hard science classes, including a year of inorganic chemistry and a year of organic chemistry can be employed practically. A friend asked my if I had bottled my Nocino and I thought- well no not yet. 1) I have the date to bottle on the […]

 the state of the walnuts / Zustand der Walnüssen

If Patience means the virtue of waiting in a relaxed state within any or a given time, then it refers to the manner in which we handle that time frame, but not to the quality, meaning and attitude invested in the particular moment. Patience means having waiting time at hand and waiting signifies a manner […]

In “Adam in Eden or the Paradise of Plants” (1657) the British Physician William Cole (1626 – 1662) wrote about what he viewed as the relationship between different life forms based on their shapes and colours, both refered to as signatures. If one reads the signatures of plants carefully, these signalise clearly how they are to be used. The “Doctrine of Signatures” was […]

Here is yet another version of the Celtics idea to make wine out of green Walnuts. The Spanish version has tradition in Catalonia and it is called Ratafia. In this case the Walnuts are mixed with aromatic herbs. It is no wonder that ritual customs play also here an important role. For the time of 40 days […]

Nocino originated in Sassuolo, near Modena. According to tradition, the Walnuts for Nocino ought to be picked on June 24th. It is no wonder, that for this composition Grappa is used, instead of the usual Wodka and others in France. In order to assure the fermentation, it is recommended to place the bottles on the window […]